booking conditions

terms and conditions

Deposit and Payment

A deposit (either by cash or credit card) will be required to confirm a booking and during your hire period. Once your deposit is received or the credit card details are confirmed your booking will be confirmed. Full payment can be made at the time of the hire. By paying the deposit or by providing your credit card details you agree to the conditions of booking. Your deposit will be refundable after the completion of your hire period if there is no damage or exceptional cleaning fee required.

Cancellations policy

Cancellation by Pelican Boat Hire: If Pelican Boat Hire determines that the conditions and or forecast on the Noosa River at the scheduled time of the hire are unsafe for our hire boats, a rescheduled booking time will be provided at no charge. Local conditions are to be assessed and determined by Pelican Boat Hire staff for the scheduled time of the hire.

Customer cancellation: If you cancel your booking more than 72 hours before your hire date your deposit or payment will be refunded in full. If you cancel your booking less than 72 hours prior to the hire date, any refund will be at our discretion. If you arrive late or return early, then the full hire charge will still apply for the entire period for which you had reserved the boat and not be adjusted if you arrived late. 

Boat Problems

Even our well maintained boats are subject to problems. If your booking for a boat is unable to be provided due to mechanical breakdown or the actions of a previous hirer, we will do our best to offer you an alternative solution. If we are unable to offer you an alternate and reasonable solution to your satisfaction, we will cancel your booking and refund any monies paid.  


You can reschedule your booking to an alternative date (subject to availability) at no charge up to 48 hours prior to the hire subject to availability. You may only reschedule a maximum of two times. Rescheduling within 72 hours (subject to availability) prior to the hire may attract a rescheduling fee. This includes if you wish to reschedule because you don’t like the weather forecast for the day of the hire event. Please note: rain, wind or cool temperatures are not ‘unsafe conditions’ on their own. No refunds or free reschedules will be given for bad weather, unless the conditions on (or forecast for) the local waterway are deemed to be unsafe for our hire boats, to be determined by Pelican Boat Hire staff at the actual moment of hire.

Conditions of Hire and Bond

The hirer is required to be at least 18 years of age for boats and 25 years of age for pontoons and must provide photo ID and mobile phone number on the day of hire. On the day of hire you will be requested to complete our hire agreement which contains the conditions relating to the hire.

A $50 bond is applicable per hire boat and a $100 bond per hire pontoon. A higher bond may be required at the discretion of Pelican Boat Hire staff. The bond may be paid by cash or credit card.

The hirer must attend a safety and boat operations briefing with Pelican Boat Hire staff before they will be able to depart the marina.